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The Greenhouse Autism Early Intervention Program utilizes a child-led and relationship-based intervention that supports development in a way that is neurodivergent-affirming. 


Our goal is not to make an autistic child not autistic. 

Our goal is to make an autistic child struggle less. 

When children receive intervention before the struggles get big or when they are really young, the overall quality of that child’s life improves, long-term. 

Autism Early Intervention Program FAQ

  1. What ages? 
    As young as 6 weeks- intended for kids under 4 years; younger kids get higher priority for scheduling


  2. Does insurance cover it? 
    OT and ST services follow typical insurance coverage guidelines and utilize DIR Floortime during those services
    Caregiver coaching, training courses are not covered by insurance


  3. Do you diagnose?
    We do not have the ability to diagnose, but can provide testing results and clinical observations to support a diagnosis with another professional


  4. What does “at-risk” mean?
    Close relative of individual with ASD, early red flags for ASD, a failed M-CHAT at the pediatrician’s office 


  5. How long will it last, like duration? 
    The program will be individualized for each child. Each child will go through a screening process to determine what services are needed. Most children will start with OT and caregiver training, with Speech Therapy added as needed. Intervention frequencies vary from 1-3 x week at the start of the program. The program is not a set period of time or number of sessions

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