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The Greenhouse Team


Ms. Kassie - Chief Executive Officer /  Owner / Occupational Therapist

Kassie has been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years, primarily focused in pediatrics. She founded Greenhouse in May, 2014, with a vision to bring hope to families through exceptional therapy services. 

Kassie has multiple certifications as a DIRFloortime° Clinician and recently joined the Board of Directors for the Profectum Foundation. She specializes in neurodivergent development, infant/toddler development, torticollis, feeding, giftedness/twice-exceptionality (2e), sensory processing, and social-emotional development. She loves coaching caregivers and mentoring clinicians. Kassie teaches several professional development courses each year, provides individual mentorship, consults for other clinics, and leads caregiver trainings. Kassie is a true Hufflepuff, a self-described "grown-up sensory kid" and is herself Twice-Exceptional.   

Occupational Therapy Team


Ms. Abi - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Abi is an excellently fun play partner. When Abi joined us in 2022, our families quickly fell in love with her. She supports kiddos right where they are, developmentally, and helps them grow into their best selves. Abi particularly enjoys working with the younger clients. She delights in their progress and loves sharing victories and cute stories with the team, gleam in her eye. In her down time, Abi enjoys painting and puzzles. 


Ms. Alex - Clinical Manager / Occupational Therapist 

Alex served as a children's pastor and led a large team over the last several years while also developing her awesome OT skills. She is beloved by children and caregivers everywhere. Alex is a natural encourager and problem solver. She been a vital support to staff as well as clients. She celebrates accomplishments big and small. Clever and playful, she fills the room with joy and laughter. Alex started her Greenhouse journey part-time through 2020-21 and joined us full time this year.


Ms. Ashley - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Mr. Caleb - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Mr. Matt - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Matt has the most kind and gentle spirit. He became a COTA after years of working as a cabinet maker. We are so glad he chose this path! He spends his time in genuine enjoyment playing with the kids and expertly relating to those tiny friends. He joined us this year and quickly became skilled at Floortime intervention. Matt is also a talented artist and is serves as Mr. Fix-It around the clinic. 

Ms. Natasha - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Ms. Danielle - Occupational Therapist

Caleb joined us at the end of 2020. He could be considered the fan favorite from the number of shout-outs he gets from families. He can often be found running an obstacle course or having an epic action figure showdown with a kiddo. Caleb is consistently an all-in play partner who makes kids and parents feel safe and at ease while in the clinic. He enjoys educating caregivers and helping kids develop new skills. Caleb loves the DC universe.

Danielle joined the Greenhouse team in 2022, all the way from Maine. Danielle is one of the smartest and intuitive therapists we know. She is clever, hilarious, and so fun to be around. She loves kittens and reading books. Danielle is crafty and creative, and always up for a good dance battle or a game of hallway soccer. She loves providing hope and education to caregivers. Fun fact- Danielle is a local kickball champion. 

Natasha lights up the room when she enters with a bright smile and colorful clothes. We were thrilled when she joined us this year. Her energy to connect and support others is unmatched. She sees people for who they are and it is obvious that she wants to be a helper in making them the best and truest version of themselves. Natasha loves fidgets and finding bargains on sensory toys! If you want some fun facts about animals, she is your girl! 

Ashley joined Greenhouse in 2021 and immediately embraced the Floortime model. She does what it takes to keep up with the kids who need so much muscle work to regulate their bodies. She helps families navigate hard topics or situations. Ashley models strategies and coaches caregivers to be the just-right play partner for their children. She is a great example of meeting kiddos where they are at, getting on their level and creating a strategy that parents can follow. Ashley enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as doing puzzles or reading books. 

Speech Therapy Team

Ms. Kristin - Speech-Language Pathologist

Kristin is an enthusiastic supporter of her clients, her colleagues, Floortime, and Greenhouse. Her smile provides reassurance and encouragement for everyone around her. Kristin's favorite word is discombobulated! She loves learning and growing, which suits her as a Ravenclaw. Kristin joined Greenhouse in 2020, officially expanding our team an OT clinic to an OT/ST clinic. "This is my happy place, where my people are!"

Ms. Chelsea - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Chelsea joined Greenhouse in 2017 after completing a clinical rotation as Ms Kassie's student. Like many of our therapists, Chelsea is a Hufflepuff. Chelsea is a DIR Floortime certified clinician and serves as a trainer for student and staff. She is incredibly gifted clinician. Chelsea loves caregiver coaching, mentoring, and playing with the clients. She has expanded her skillset to include feeding therapy and provides much needed organizational support to the clinic. 

Ms. Lyrica - Speech-Language Pathologist

Lyrica is a wealth of therapy knowledge and is often found doing research and taking classes to expand her knowledge. She is curious and intelligent and loves working with kids. Lyrica recently completed the Level 1 Professional DIR Floortime Certification course through Profectum, which takes nearly a year to complete. She enjoys teaching others about Gestalt language and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). "I feel passionately about helping kids find their voice."

Administrative Team

Ms. Chris - Community Engagement Coordinator / Office Manager

Chris has been a passionate Greenhouse advocate since joining us in 2018. Chris has served in many roles during her time here. She currently welcomes families to Greenhouse during the intake process and shares with them the magic of the DIR/Floortime model. She is often the face of the place, braving conferences and conversations throughout the community. Chris loves whales and good stationary, and her very favorite word is facetious because it contains every vowel in alphabetical order. The most inspiring part of her job? "We give families who are either just starting down this therapy road, or families who have tried everything without success, hope. I treasure hearing the relief in a caregiver's voice when they realize that we're different, and this may help their family. They have hope again."

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